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Curb Appeal manages all phases of your landscape from design to installation, and after care to keep your garden attractive in ALL seasons. We start with a consultation to hear your ideas and objectives and determine what your goals are. For example, we will evaluate the dimensions of the house, location of permanent features, determine how local trees affect the sunlight on the property, etc. We then establish a conceptual design, take a site analysis, and draw a sketch of the area you wish to address. Once the sketch is complete, we will arrange a final meeting to review the design. Our clients are welcome to accompany us at the nursery to see firsthand what the plants look like, and allow us to either finalize the plant list or amend it with substitutes. Through proper plant selection, positioning and hand selection of only the finest plants, we create the foundation for a stable, long term landscape design that we expect to thrive for many years to come.

    • On Site Interview & Site Evaluation
    • Renovation or New Construction
    • Conceptual Landscape Sketch
    • Patios, Retaining Walls & Walkways
    • Privacy Screening
    • Foundation Plantings
    • Trees and Shrubbery
    • Perennials, Bulbs & Annuals
    • Shade Gardens
    • Meadows
    • Landscape Lighting
    • Drainage & Grading Solutions
    • Fencing

Whether developing a maintenance program or a design-build, we partner with you to develop a specific program for your property that is suitable for your needs. Our process begins with walking your property, assessing your landscape conditions, and listening carefully as you define your goals, and priorities. We will determine the service plan that best accommodates you, and submit an estimate in an expeditious manner. We will follow up with you to answer your questions, and re-scope the estimate if necessary to meet your needs.